Essential Home Cleaning Tips for a Clean and Healthy Living Space

Essential Home Cleaning Tips for a Clean and Healthy Living Space

Home cleaning can be tiring but for some it is a form of relaxation or me-time. For a family with infants and toddlers, expect that your little ones will occupy your home with so many stuff and there will be a non stop of cleaning. Home cleaning will not just give you an organized space instead it gives you a better health and well-being for the whole family.


Areas in your house that accumulates dirt

Kitchen: This part of every home creates activities such as cooking and washing, and that for sure will create moisture and oils that will form into dirt and eventually will destroy your appliances. Therefore, it's better that you always wipe the counters, appliances and floors right after every activity.

Bathroom: This is the part of the house that does a lot of cleaning several times everyday. So, it is also deserved to be cleaned. Soap scums, molds, stain, mildew and other bacterias can also be found in this room. Deep cleaning is needed as frequent as possible to have a comfortable bathing time.

Living room: A place where the family members bond, play and have some special events and moments. Therefore, couches, pillows and carpets should be vacumm as regular as possible, mop the floors and do dusting as well.

Bedroom: A sacred room where we normally start and end our day. A part of the house where we get to rest and sleep. A regular changing of sheets are highly recomended, organizing and decluterring personal stuff, mopping and dusting should always be part of the checklist.


Tips to maintain the house clean

It will be expensive to hire a house cleaner if you don't have the time to clean because of work and you better plan a staycation to spend your free time with your family rather than cleaning the house whole day. That's why it is a wise decision to make an investment into something that will help you have a clean and healthy home for your loved ones. Here are some recommendations that you can add to your amazon home find shopping.

Moisture absorber bag and activated bamboo charcoal are best combination to eliminate moisture in your appliances and important stuff that leads to producing dirt and bacterias. It also get rids of the bad odors that normally produced in kitchen activities and bathrooms. Finally, it can prolong the life of your food in stored in your refrigerator and maintain the quality of your personal belongings in your closet.


Air purifier from the word itself purifies the air and can give you a clean air to breathe. This will be very much helpful for those who suffers asthma and other health conditions that is related to lungs and breathing.

Overall, to have a stress free life at home, make it appoint that your living space is organized, clean and a healthy home for your loved ones.

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